Chris Ivory -- The Fury

Chris Ivory Saints 2012 Highlights (via FantasyFootball Pundit)

6-0, 220, sub 4.5 forty

I don't know about you, but this guy man... this guy is a guy that I'm excited to see play for us. He's got all the tools to be a great back: quickness, speed, vision, patience, elusiveness, tenacity. The only question about him has been health. Can he stay healthy? He played most every game of his rookie season in 2010, suffering a lis franc injury on the last game of the season. The foot injury kept him on the IR until late October 2011. He was a healthy scratch for most of 2012 due to the Saints' loaded backfield, but he did miss two games with a hammy. So the question of health is legit, but he seems to have been more of a victim of bad luck and circumstance rather than being brittle. And despite the questions surrounding The Fury's health, there are absolutely NO questions about this man's talent.

When it comes to backs, there are certain questions you need to have answered... Can he see the play? Can he wait for it to be there? Can he make it work when circumstances are less than ideal? Shonn Greene couldn't answer affirmative to any of those questions. He often abandoned plays. Often!! He often just slammed it somewhere instead of waiting for things to develop. And he rarely, RARELY, created something when the design had proved faulty. Chris Ivory, irregardless of limited snaps (in your eye grammar police!!!), Has shown he can answer those pertinent questions affirmatively.

The Fury understands how to use his speed. He seems to have a knack for throttling down and letting things develop, often using slide/skate steps to buy time. But he also understands how to explode through scrimmage and past/thru would-be tacklers. Like pitchers, the better backs are those that are adept at changing speeds and changing planes.

He also has shown the ability to tack on yards to a run. Another skill absent from Greene's repertoire. Whether its a burst of speed, or a stiff arm, or good old-fashioned forward lean with balance, The Fury seems to have the ability to steal a few more yards than what the play presents.

The Fury can burst to the edge, or pick his way through traffic on the interior. But my favorite of The Fury's traits is his ferocity. Dude runs with a relentlessness. A passion. Running the rock is art for this dude. He's proud of his work. And he should be.

Beware The Fury

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