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What Were Your Best and Worst Predictions?

Let's look back with hindsight!


We've all made a great prediction that made us look like geniuses, and bad ones that you'd simply rather forget. What are some of your best and worst football predictions, ideally regarding the New York Jets?

My best overall football prediction was that Tim Tebow would throw for 400 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2011 AFC Wildcard game. I bet a friend that is a Steelers' fan that he would have to drive his car into a tree if Tebow accomplished the feat; instead, Tebow "only" threw for an astounding 316 yards (noteworthy if you've ever seen him throw a ball), and while I lost the bet, I saw my friend develop a cold sweat going into overtime.

I'm actually struggling to decide what my best Jets prediction would be. I originally called for Geno Smith to be drafted by the Jets last summer, but I'm not sure if that was so much a prediction as a pleading. I originally had Sheldon Richardson down in my first mock draft for the Jets' first draft pick, but I changed that at the last minute. Another prediction I made was that Chris Ivory would be traded for a fifth round pick. It ended up being a fourth, which may or may not be a big difference, depending on how valuable you think he will be. It hasn't come to fruition yet, but before Hayden Smith was even signed by the team, I knew he'd be a star and was pleading for the team to sign him.

On the flip side, my worst Jets prediction is probably that Aaron Maybin would have a double-digit sack season this past year. As we know, Maybin logged zero sacks and was cut mid-way through the season.

What about you?