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Geno Smith Taking the Lead in Quarterback Competition?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If you believe several Jets beat writers, it sounds like Geno Smith is pulling ahead of Mark Sanchez in the competition to start at quarterback. Check out the following headlines from the respective articles by these writers.

Brian Costello:

Geno outplays Sanchez as Rex throws multiple looks at Jets QBs

Mark Cannizzaro:

Jets' Sanchez talking a good game, but his performance tells another story

Jane McManus:

Practice Report: Edge to Smith

Sanchez was 3 for 10 today with a touchdown and an interception. Smith was 5 for 6 with two sacks. The competition is not over yet, but it does seem to be trending in the direction of the rookie. Sanchez still has time during the Green and White Scrimmage and the first two preseason games to turn things around, but he might need to clearly outplay Smith. In the event of a tie, it would be logical for the Jets to give the guy with bigger upside experience. That would be Geno.