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Chris Ivory Leaves Practice With Hamstring Issue

Chris Graythen

The health of Chris Ivory is likely one of the keys to the Jets' season. After missing practices early in camp with a hamstring ailment, Ivory left today's practice early due to a similar issue per Brian Costello.

On Wednesday, Ivory thought he was ready to make a breakthrough, joining the other running backs on the field for full practice, but that did not last long as his hamstring tightened up, forcing him to the sideline for rehab.

Still over a month away from the start of the season, this is not cause for panic. It is a tad unsettling, though. The biggest question mark with Ivory is his ability to stay healthy, and he is having trouble in that department before any of the real heavy lifting begins.

The Jets should and probably will be very conservative with how they handle Ivory through the rest of camp and the preseason. He needs to be in top form when the Buccaneers come to town.