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New York Jets: ESPN New York 98.7 Will Carry Green and White Scrimmage

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have announced Saturday's Green and White Scrimmage will be broadcast on the team's radio home, ESPN New York, 98.7 FM.

“We understand that not every fan can join us at training camp in Cortland,” said Jets President Neil Glat. “The Green & White scrimmage being covered by ESPN New York gives more fans the opportunity to experience the excitement of training camp as we gear up to kick off the 2013 season.”

This may not be the greatest solution ever. Only fans in the market can hear it, and football does not translate to radio like baseball does. It is at least an improvement, though, and shows the team is at least making something of an effort to make the game more accessible to its diehard fan base.

The green and white scrimmage will be the most important event to date in terms of position battles and roster spots.