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Jets Impressed by Gates, Hazelton, and Spadola

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Manish Mehta says three young receivers have caught the Jets' eye in training camp so far.

Gates saw some playing time last year. He has gotten praise from Rex Ryan to the press so far. Hazelton was undrafted out of Cincinnati in 2011 and has bounced around a few teams since. He has never played an NFL game. Spadola was undrafted out of Lehigh this year.

None of this is necessarily meaningful. It is relatively easy to look good in practice. The upcoming green and white scrimmage should tell us a bit more, albeit not much. Then off to preseason games, which again will not be very meaningful. The bottom line, though, is the Jets are not very good at wide receiver on paper so there is playing time waiting for a young guy who steps up. Keep your eye on these three to see whether any can become that guy.