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"Gretchen, stop trying to make Kerry Rhodes happen! It's not going to happen!"


Many people have requested, pleaded even, that the New York Jets re-sign Kerry Rhodes. I don't think anyone can put it better than Regina George herself:

In his autobiography, Rex Ryan stated:

"He was a selfish-ass guy. He wouldn't work and he was a Hollywood type, flashing and needing attention."

Yes. That totally sounds like the kind of player the Jets need when they're filling the roster with impressionable youth. Sarcasm aside, Rhodes is a good player. But that doesn't matter if he doesn't have the right kind of character to fit on the team. Most coaches, especially the great ones, fill their roster with players that have the right personality to fit into their system. Unless a particular player is so dominant (see: Sanders, Deion) that their performance just completely overwhelms their personality, it's completely fair game to disqualify a player for not having the right kind of character to fit into a team's atmosphere.