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New York Jets: A Totally Incomplete Look at the Quarterback Battle

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Costello has been tallying training camp stats from the top two quarterbacks. Here is what he has:

It's tough to put any stock into these numbers as we do not have a ton of relevant information. We do not have yardage here. We do not know the personnel the quarterbacks have both had on offense and faced on defense. We do not know what the playcalls were or how the plays were impacted by blocking and receiver play. We do not know the difficulty of the throws. This gives some kind of a vague idea of what is happening, but not much. (I'm not trying to knock Costello here. His information is appreciated, and he's one of my favorite beat writers. It would have been impossible to fully chronicle everything in tweet form.)

Costello does suppliment his numbers by giving a slight edge to Geno Smith:

The biggest takeaway from this might be that the four year incumbent cannot separate himself from a rookie. If all things are equal, the Jets might go with the guy who has higher upside. That would be Geno.