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Josh Bush Out of Safety Competition?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan hinted the position battle for the open safety spot might be down to Antonio Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett.

Of the two, Jarrett is the better fit in terms of pure playing style. In theory, his skills are mainly playing deep against the pass, which would be a compliment to Dawan Landry's skills in the box. Antonio Allen's theoretical skills as a run defender largely overlap what Landry does. Jarrett-Landry would be a conventional free safety-strong safety duo. Allen-Landry would be starting a pair of strong safeties. Ultimately, though, it is better to have two effective strong safeties than an effective strong safety and a lousy free safety so Allen should have every chance to win the job.

The state of this competition underscores how important it will be for Dee Milliner to be able to contribute right off the bat. Either way, it seems unlikely the Jets are going have safeties who are great in coverage. The cornerbacks will need to do as much as possible to limit the responsibilities of the safeties. Milliner would also give the Jets a bit of flexibility to shift Kyle Wilson to safety at times and help out what seems to be a very thin unit.