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Marty Mornhinweg Speaks on the Quarterback Battle

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Lewis of the NY Post has some comments from offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg on the quarterback battle.

“The first couple of things is simply the verbiage – and we’re talking specifically of Geno. Mark has had quite a bit of experience, as has Greg (McElroy), so they know how to learn a pro system, so they’re a little quicker,’’ said Morninhweg. “Geno is really doing a fine job with the verbiage. The second thing is reps, reps, reps, literally 100s of times with our base plays. Those are the key things.

Assuming there is no funny business with Rex Ryan being overly loyal to Mark Sanchez, a dangerous assumption to make, it really seems like this quarterback competition will come down to how quickly Geno Smith can pick things up. He is probably not going to be able to execute the entire playbook by the first week, but the question is whether he will be able to do enough to execute a functional offense. The sooner the Jets can get him out there for the sake of experience and evaluation, the better, but that will require him not being totally overwhelmed. He is said to be a quick learner. We will find out how quick.