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Kyle Wilson to Play Safety?


Rex Ryan says Kyle Wilson might get a look at safety.

This would require getting Dee Milliner signed to take the cornerback spot opposite Antonio Cromartie. The loss of Aaron Berry also limits the flexibility the team has with Wilson a bit.

Some people have been calling for this, and it makes sense on some levels. Wilson has moved all over the place in his career. While the safety and cornerback positions are different, there is overlap. Wilson has been given safety responsibilities on some plays. Given the current state of the safety position, the Jets need to explore every option they have. He isn't necessarily an ideal guy for the position. Wilson is undersized and not a great tackler. Giving him a heavy work load against the passing game while giving Dawan Landry run responsibility might be the best combination for the team.

This would work in the base defense, but there would be nothing to stop Wilson from dropping down to play the slot receiver when the other team goes to a three receiver set. It is not uncommon to use a safety this way.