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New York Jets: Idzik Says He Will Be Part of Quarterback Evaluation

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

John Idzik says he will have a big say as to whom will start at quarterback for the Jets. Quotes via Kimberly Martin:

Idzik made it clear he’ll have “pretty big role” in choosing a starting QB, adding no one person in the organization will have veto power.

Not even Rex Ryan.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” he repeated several times during his 20-minute post-practice press conference. Idzik later joked that no one individual has a magic “scroll” or has the ability to just “drop the gavel.”

Idzik mentioned the word "consensus" a lot in his introductory press conference, and it seems the organization is making a concerted effort to involve a lot of people in decision-making. It at least looks that way from the outside. The Draft had a very "Rex-ish" feel for lack of a better phrase, and free agent signings like Calvin Pace, Braylon Edwards, Antwan Barnes, and Dawan Landry were all Rex favorites. Now the front office will be a part of this decision.

My gut is too much will probably be made of this. It is important for the front office and the coaching staff to be on the same page for important decisions. Teams have all kinds of different decision-making dynamics. There is no "right" way to do things. You certainly can question the wisdom of the people making the decisions, though.

It also doesn't bode well for Mark Sanchez that somebody with no loyalty to him is apparently going to be playing an important part in the decision. If David Garrard's knee had not acted up, Idzik might have dumped Sanchez by this point.