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Geno Smith Working on Designed Runs

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

One of the subplots heading into camp was the question of whether the Jets would install designed runs for Geno Smith. They could have a package of this no matter whom the starting quarterback is. It appears the Jets are at least experimenting with it.

Geno's abilities as a runner are something of an unknown because he was not asked to run much at West Virginia. All we can judge him on is tape, where many feel he had good functional mobility but not game breaking ability as a runner.

What we are hearing about today does not have a ton of meaning. Practice and games are two very different things, and the competition will probably be better during the real games. This is an interesting subplot to watch. It would help the Jets out a lot if Geno is capable of making plays with his legs on designed runs. With a rookie quarterback, it is a good idea to ask as little out of the passing game as possible. RG3 the runner and Russell Wilson the runner helped RG3 the passer and Russell Wilson the passer immensely last year. A running quarterback gives the offense another way to gain positive yardage. They force the defense to move up to stop the run, opening throwing lanes. They also help the regular running game. When there is an apparent hand off, the defense cannot collapse on the runner because a dynamic quarterback might pull the ball back, break outside, and rip off a huge gain.

We don't know whether Geno is capable of these things, but it is something to watch. Given the state of the wide receiver position with Santonio Holmes' condition, the Jets are going to have to find creative ways to move the ball. There just is not going to be a ton of help given to a young quarterback by this crew catching the ball.