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Santonio Holmes Unsure He Will Be Able to Play in 2013

Jeff Zelevansky

Jane McManus reports the Jets' top wide receiver, Santonio Holmes, is not sure whether he will even be able to play this year coming off a Lisfranc injury.

Holmes has been noncommittal about his timeline to return all along, but asked more specifically if he would return at some point this season, Holmes said, "I can't answer that question."

A Lisfranc injury is serious business so this is not a huge surprise. Holmes' status on the PUP list shows he is anything but a guarantee to come back soon. It is very bad news for the Jets, though. This injury sounds like it is still giving him serious problems. Even if Holmes can play, he might be compromised. This team is depending on him to be back at his top form. Without a healthy Holmes, the cast of receivers will look very similar in quality to what the Jets were sending out there a year ago.