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Braylon Edwards Taking Physical; Jets Will Sign Him

Al Bello

[Note by John B, 07/24/13 11:51 PM EDT ] Looks like this is happening.


It appears Braylon Edwards will be signing with the Jets.

This would be akin to the team bringing back Calvin Pace. There's no upside here.

  • Despite people claiming he's a model citizen who always plays hard, he's been a locker room problem throughout his career who has played hard when he's felt like it and has gotten into trouble off the field. This is not the kind of guy a rebuilding team with young players needs.
  • Mark Sanchez is a favorite of his so we have another potential voice against the guy of the future, fueling the possibility of a divisive situation.
  • It's another example of living in the past, trying to recreate a 2010 team that is long gone.
  • Like Pace, his presence will tempt the head coach to overlook younger, less established players who might be more deserving of playing time.
  • He'll take away a camp spot from somebody who at least has theoretical upside.
  • Mainly, though, he's got nothing left in the tank. You could live with all of the above if he could actually help the team. Despite people saying he looked good with the Jets at the end of last year, he's washed up and didn't help the 49ers, Seahawks, or Jets at all in the last two years. He was roughly as productive with the Jets on a per play basis as Chaz Schilens or Clyde Gates. Plus he seems to have a chronic knee problem.
Just dumb.