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John Idzik Not to Have Final Say on Head Coach?


Manish Mehta made an interesting tweet this morning.

I think it would be incorrect to say this is necessarily significant. The owner technically always has the final say. It could be that Woody will simply rubber stamp Idzik's suggestion. I really hope this doesn't mean Woody might overrule Idzik out of devotion to Rex. Idzik needs to have a coach with whom he is comfortable and can work with. If he feels there is somebody better, he needs to have the autonomy to make a change. Having the general manager and head coach both report to the owner can work but only when the owner is a strong football mind. That is not the case here. Woody needs to stay out of the way here.

Of course, we have an entire season to play out before this is an issue. Given the way Idzik has been allowed to clean out long-time Jets from the front office and roster and bring in his own people, my inclination is this is probably a situation where Woody will back his recommendation. I wouldn't advise anybody to worry about this, but it is something to file away in the back of your mind.