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Let's Make A Deal: Jeremy Maclin Edition


"You will never get this! You will never get it! La la la la la la."
"You will never get this! You will never get it! La la la la la la."
Al Bello

A few months ago, GangGreenNation engaged in a mock negotiation with BucsNation regarding Darrelle Revis. Well, we were close, except off by a year. The actual trade ended up being a 2013 first round selection and a conditional 2014 fourth round selection that can, and likely will, become a third round pick.

The New York Jets desperately need a wide receiver, with news that Santonio Holmes is out indefinitely on the Physically-Unable-To-Perform List. One potential replacement is Jeremy Maclin, a five-year veteran that is not only proven, but severely underrated. Maclin is in the last year of his contract, and is expendable on a Philadelphia Eagles team that has a number of receivers waiting in the wings. In my opinion, Maclin would make an excellent addition that, combined with Jeremy Kerley, would give the Jets a proven threat. If Holmes is able to come back, he and Stephen Hill will round out a more than serviceable receiving corps. Considering Maclin's years of experience under OC Marty Mornhinweg, the transition shouldn't be too difficult.

So, let's do our best John Idzik impression. The Jets will have eight draft picks in 2014, combined with approximately three conditional picks, giving them serious ability to negotiate without having to deal the few good players remaining on the roster.

My initial proposal for a Maclin trade is a conditional 2014 sixth round pick that could turn into a fifth round pick if Maclin signs a new contract with the team. Maclin is a good player, but as he's in the last year of his contract, and considering the talent they have behind him, he's expendable enough to warrant a lower pick. I would be willing to go as low as a fourth rounder though for him, assuming, of course, that he signs a new contract.

What do you think? Would you trade for Maclin? If so, what would be the realistic terms? If not, would you trade for someone else? If so, who, and for what?