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New York Jets Tries Out Plethora of Terrible Veterans

Ronald Martinez

There are reports that the New York Jets are currently trying out Laurent Robinson, Austin Collie, and Billy Cundiff, among others. As for receiving options, Robinson is a good option, although he, like Collie, has significant question marks due to concussions and other health issues. Cundiff is presumably meant for competition to Nick Folk.

Personally, I'd prefer neither Robinson nor Collie, as I would like to see what our young players can do. Robinson and Collie are not the future, and their health questions indicate they will be a bigger drain on the team than any benefit they would provide. If no rookies step up, I'd look to trade for a more proven veteran receiver than scrape one of these guys off the pile.

As for Cundiff, it's been a quick fall from grace for the former All-Pro. Placekicking is so much mental, and Cundiff has been on an incredible slide. I have a hard time seeing him beat Folk out, although if he can suddenly revert to his past form, it won't even be a competition, he'll win so quickly.