New York Jets All-Pro Team

So I came up with a cool idea. Why doesn't GGN hold a mini-draft (12 teams) to draft teams out of a pool of only New York Jets or Titans players, to see who can come up with the best All-Pro Team. The draft would take place like a normal snake draft in fantasy football, with the first pick-twelve pick, picking up with the thirteenth pick being the same team who ended the last round, and then working the way back down the order etc.

Once the teams are drafted, we could post them up on GGN with a proper seeding and set matchups. Then GGN can vote on who they think would win each matchup and the winner would move to the next round. It would be set up like a normal playoff.

Any player who has ever played on the Jets or Titans during their career at some point is fair game. A player like Ladanian Tomlinson would be worthy, although the fact that he was past his prime should be taken into consideration.

We only pick starting rosters, which can be formatted reasonably and differently depending on the owner. For example, the offense's starting unit could run a two Tight End Set. Likewise, the Defense could be 3-4, 4-3, 5-2.

Players can be switched around out of their natural positions within reason as well. For example, you could draft Wilkerson and play him at DT in a 4-3 if you would like to. On the contrary though, you could not move Revis to defensive line, or offense because a switch like that is very unlikely and unrealistic.

I think this would be a fun little game to play, and I believe people would love to participate/see the results. Who would be interested in something like this? Post in the comments telling me if you would like to partake in the draft if I set this up.

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