What if GGN Ran the New York Jets?

The latest post about Forbes valuing the Jets made me think of this: What if WE as a community ran the New York Jets.

What if Woody Johnson put the team up for sale, and we collectively raised the money to buy it. From 2013 on out, do you think the team would be properly managed? The website would function as normal and what ever the popular opinion on the direction of the team should be, that is what we would decide to do. It seems like most of us on GGN have more knowledge than the average Jets fan, so it makes me wonder if we could be somewhat successful. We would decide everything from the Coaches, Front office staff, down to the Draft and free agent signings.

I think we would be somewhat successful because like I said, we all have a good amount of knowledge, and there are very good leaders on this site (The staff editors). As much as we argue on the post, there is always a great amount of respect and we always EVENTUALLY come to a mutual agreement.

So what do you guys think. What would happen if GGN ran the New York Jets?

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