How long does Rex stay around?

Like all Jet fans when Rex arrived I was all go. In fact, I still have a tiny....tiny bit of hope in him. But lets face it, never have I seen a team fall apart from within as with Rex. Rex has admitted back to back years that he hasn't had the "pulse" of the team and the offense has been a wreck. Players on defense are treated like royalty, meanwhile important offensive players like, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith. These offensive players were in their prime, meanwhile the likes of aging defensive players are kept...Calvin Pace.

Recently, its been said that Rex plans to use Geno Smith in the wildcat. Is this good for anybody? I believe all QB's need to stay in the game to develop rhythm with their receivers and the offense. Playing musical chairs with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow last year I feel hurt Mark's production as well as the whole offensive production. I believe Rex has an obsession with the wildcat because it worked so well when the Miami Dolphins ran it against his defense with Ronnie Brown, in fact, they killed our defense with it.

The Quarterback is the most important player on the field, do we want a head coach that doesn't know what to do with him? One that doesn't have a clue what offense will fit him best or what players work better with him? Jerricho Cotchery had pretty good chemistry with Mark Sanchez, but we failed to pay him the extra money he wanted and Rex brought in Derick Mason. Then Rex wanted Santonio Holmes and brought him in to make him a captain. This didn't fit well with many players on the team as well.

Rex is a great defensive mind, that's no doubt. But a head coach must run the whole team, defense, offense, coaches, special teams and on. Rex is now focusing on what he does best, calling the defense. Granted all head coaches have a specialty but shouldn't he be delegating? If not, isn't he just being a defense coordinator? Dennis Thurman is a very, very good defensive backs coach for us and I for one would have loved to see what he can do calling plays. But again, its all about Rex. Does anyone think Mike Pettine enjoyed not being able to do his job? So much that he went to Buffalo. Granted Rex has to do what he does best, but isn't the head coach, suppose to touch everything?

Will Rex ever be a great head coach, or just a great defensive coordinator. And if he needs even more time to learn, how long do we give him? Love his defense but I am not afraid to let him go.

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