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Jets Valued at $1.284 Billion by Forbes

Doug Pensinger

Forbes' annual professional sports team valuation is out. They estimate the Jets are worth $1.284 billion.

The Jets' one-year Tim Tebow experiment was a disaster as the team finished with a 6-10 record and GM Mike Tannenbaum was fired. The Jets cut prices by as much as 52% last year on 12,000 upper-deck seats to help boost demand.

This makes the Jets the sixth most valuable team in the NFL and the fourteenth most valuable professional sports team in the world. The team's estimated value is now double the $635 million Woody Johnson paid to buy the team in 2000. Factors that might make the Jets so valuable include the success of the NFL as a whole, the team's place in the biggest market in the country, and the new stadium.

It is important to note this is only an estimate based on the information Forbes has. The actual value of the team depends on what bidders would be willing to pay if it was put up for sale, and that is based on the team's private financial information, which Forbes could not access.

So if you like our ideas here on GGN and have an extra $1.284 billion laying around, let us know.