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New York Jets Flight Connections 07-15-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

Jared Wickerham

Good morning, Gang Green Gangsters! Happy Monday. Here are your daily New York Jets links on this, the Ides of July...

New York Times: Before football, Rex Ryan mastered table baseball.

The Jet Press: How Rex can keep his job past 2013.

JetNation: Interview with Kellen Winslow and a Q&A with Mark Sanchez.

CBS New York: Geno Smith's snub of Jets West is disrespectful. Tough noogies.

The Jets Blog: Antonio Allen invasion.

Shutdown Corner: Mike Wallace brings a new dimension to the Miami Dolphins offense.

Journal Gazette: Bernard Pollard gives the Tennessee Titans a leader.

Sports Illustrated: Roddy White and Victor Cruz apologized for their verdict tweets. The Denver Broncos will discuss the discipline for Matt Russell and Tom Heckert.

New York Times: Fantasy football sleeper and breakout candidates at wide receiver and tight end. There are no Jets listed here, but do you think Winslow has a chance if he stays healthy?

Over the Cap: The difficulty of valuing and comparing contracts.

Business Insider: The Toronto Blue Jays TV network shows us the future of sports advertising.

And here are yesterday's links, in case you missed them. And the new Thread About Nothing is up.

And now here is Billy Joel with "Allentown":

I couldn't find the live version from Russia, but when Billy talks to the crowd and then the interpreter comes on, somehow I get chills from it. Anyways, have a great day, everyone!