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Get to Know: Karl Dunbar

Can the Jets rush defense improve after a difficult first season under Defensive Line coach Karl Dunbar?


What We Know: After Mark Carrier left the team, Karl Dunbar became the latest addition to the New York Jets coaching staff in 2012 as their new defensive line coach.

Dunbar has overcome a lot in not only his NFL career as a coach and player, but also in his personal life. As many of you may know, Dunbar suffers from a rare skin condition know as vitiligo, which affects skin pigmentation, which ESPN New York wrote about earlier this year. This is something Dunbar's had to live with his entire life.

As the article states, there's no way that this condition would interfere with his career, and it hasn't. That's the kind of man the New York Jets have on their coaching staff. Someone who refuses to quit, regardless of the situation.

Karl Dunbar's career, both as a player and a coach:

Year(s) Employer Role
1992 Orlando Thunder Defensive Lineman
1993 New Orleans Saints Defensive Lineman
1994 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Lineman
1995 Rhein Fire Defensive Lineman
1995 Arizona Cardinals Defensive Lineman
1998-1999 Nicholls State University Defensive Line Coach
2000-2001 Louisiana State University Strength and Conditioning Coach
2002-2003 Oklahoma State University Defensive Line Coach
2004 Chicago Bears Defensive Line Coach
2005 Louisiana State University Defensive Line Coach
2006-2011 Minnesota Vikings Defensive Line Coach
2012-present New York Jets Defensive Line Coach

During Karl Dunbar's six year tenure in Minnesota, the Vikings defense allowed the fewest rushing yards in the NFL (8,141) and was sixth in sacks with 242 during the 2006-2011 seasons.

In the 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons, Minnesota had the #1 ranked rushing defense in the NFL, marking the first time since the NFL-AFL merger that a team ranked #1 overall in rushing defense for three straight seasons.

Rex Ryan was familiar with Dunbar prior to 2012, but as a player rather than a coach. Ryan served as Dunbar's position coach during the 1994 season with the Arizona Cardinals.

Things did not go as smoothly for Dunbar in his first season as Jets Defensive Line coach, as New York ranked 26th in rushing yards allowed, 26th in rushing touchdowns allowed and 21st in rushing yards per attempt in 2012.

While the Jets did get productive seasons out of Muhammed Wilkerson and Quinton Coples, especially towards the end of the season, they still tied for 25th in the NFL in sacks with 30 last season.

We all know the kind of man Karl Dunbar is and the type of coach that he can be. After a difficult 2012 defending the run, it will be interesting to see the adjustments Dunbar makes and how much the new additions to the defensive line will contribute.