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Geno Smith Not Attending Jets West


Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith is not attending Jets West, Mark Sanchez's annual offseason workout for Jets offensive players.

A person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press that Smith will not attend Sanchez's camp that began Thursday and includes several Jets teammates.

I think it is great that Sanchez holds this camp. Kudos to him and any player who shows up to work out with teammates. With that said, attending Jets West is not the only way for a player to train properly for a season. These guys are busy. Their schedules might not fit. In Geno's case, he is competing directly with Sanchez for a starting job so he might not be comfortable attending. It really doesn't matter. If Jets West was so important, the Jets' offense would not have been the mess it was the last two years.

I also feel like praising Geno for not showing up simply to prevent creating some bogus controversy.