My All Time Jets Starting Offensive Team.

Hello everyone, who do you think is the Jets all time offensive team position by position? I will post mine below, it could be any criteria just your opinion. Im lucky enough(or unlucky) to see a few generations of Jets players. WR-Al Toon, I thought he was just as good as any receiver in the NFL during his time. TE-George Sauer, Namaths favorite target in Super Bowl 3, very good player T-Marvin Powell, one of the most dominating tackles of the 80s G-Randy Rasmussen, very consistent players for the Jets during his long career with the green and white C-Nick Mangold- as solid as they come, very rarely gets beat G-Dan Alexander- very under appreciated player during his time but a nasty blocker T-Winston Hill- kept Namath upright his whole career and great performance in Super Bowl 3 WR-Don Maynard, Joes favorite target, great performance in 1969 championship game when it counted RB-Curtis Martin, a workhorse game after game, great on blitz pick up RB-Matt Snell, Namath had a good running game also QB-Broadway Joe Namath, throwing for 4000 yds in a 14 game schedule in a run 1st era is amazing Honorable Mention:Mickey Shuler, Wesley Walker,Joe Fields, Chad Pennington, Wayne Chrebet, Emerson Boozer, Jerome Barkum, Freeman Mcneil.Kevin Mawae, Pat Leahy, Leon Washington I know I left off some players but these were the ones I enjoyed watching perform.Next up the defense, until that time enjoy your day!!!!!

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