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Demario Davis Speaks

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Eric Allen caught up with Demario Davis on the official team website.

“I’m pretty natural in coverage. Not to boast or anything, it was just one of those things that I was natural at when I came into college,” he told me on a recent “Jets Talk LIVE” installment. “The thing I struggled with was run fits and playing the run.”

Davis told Allen he has bulked up a bit to help him with the run. Click the link to read the full story.

The work he does in pass coverage will be critical. In theory David Harris is a strong run defender, even if he did not show it last year, but very weak in coverage. To compensate for that, it helps having a strong cover guy next to him. It would be premature to call Davis a strong cover guy at this point, but he does bring speed to the table, an essential ingredient to do the job well that the team has lacked at the position.

At the same time, Davis' play against the run is also going to be key just because the Jets do not have many strong run defenders in their front seven. Additionally, he is replacing Bart Scott, who did a lot of dirty work to help Harris succeed. It probably is not an accident that Bart's decline over the last two years coincided with a deterioration in Harris' play.

So in other words, the Jets just need a second year guy with minimal experienced to be a well-rounded difference maker. That's not much to ask, right?