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Three Card Monte

Photo credit A game of chance -- find the camp body who ends up contributing.

Anybody up for a little game? The game is a variation on three card monte. The goal is to find the one (or 2 or 3) training camp nobodies who unexpectedly turn into somebodies over the course of the season.

The rules are simple. I will list at the end of this article a rather extensive list of players currently on the Jets roster who are long shots to make any significant contribution to the team in 2013. Most are long shots to even make the team. Your job is to choose the three and only three who make the biggest contribution to the 2013 Jets. Any NFL achievements made by a player while employed by another team due to having been traded or cut by the Jets are ineligible -- winners must make a contribution to the Jets. I will keep track of all entries and announce the winner after the last game of the regular season (assuming every entry isn't tied with zero contributions). The winner gets bragging rights for a year and a GGN T-shirt. All judgments as to the magnitude of any players' contributions to the Jets and the eventual contest winner will be made solely by Smackdad, and will be final and irreversible. Bonus points will be awarded to anyone brazen enough to choose a nobody that is currently not on the Jets roster but ends up contributing to the 2013 Jets.

Keep in mind that a player has to see actual game action to make a positive contribution for purposes of this contest. So, for example, somebody may show great promise as a backup center, and may in fact be the best player on the entire list, but if Mangold stays healthy that guy will likely never see a single snap, and the long snapper who beats out Tanner Purdum will make a much bigger contribution for the purposes of the the contest. Choose your three players accordingly.

All entries must be submitted in the comments to this article on or before Friday, June 14 at 11:59 pm.

Simple enough, right? So, here's the list of players. Choose your 3 and find the lucky lady!


Matt Simms

Running Back

John Griffin

Wide Receiver and Tight End

Joseph Collins

Marcus Davis

Vidal Hazelton

Thomas Mayo

Chris Pantale

Titus Ryan

Mike Shanahan

Ryan Spadola

KJ Stroud

Jordan White

Offensive Line

Will Campbell

Dalton Freeman

Trey Gilleo

Dennis Landolt

Mark Popek

Caleb Schlauderaff

Defensive Line

Junior Aumavae

Lanier Coleman

Tevita Finau

Jake McDonough


Troy Davis

JoJo Dickson

Danny Lansanah

Sean Progar-Jackson

Jacquies Smith

Ricky Sapp

Defensive Backs

Royce Adams

Eric Crocker

Mike Edwards

Donnie Fletcher

Jaiquawn Jarrett

Ellis Lankster

Bret Lockett

Rontez Miles

Darrin Walls

Special Teams

Brett Maher

Ryan Quigley

Travis Tripucka