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Jets Play Paintball Instead of Practice


On the last day of OTA's the Jets apparently played paintball instead of football per Brian Costello.

Many players tweeted out pictures and video of them preparing for the game and a source confirmed Jets coach Rex Ryan decided to have a team-bonding activity instead of a final day of practice. Many of those tweets seem to have been removed, but this one of rookie Sheldon Richardson remained on his account. It is unclear how many players participated.

I am sure there will be no jokes about this one. This won't at all play into the circus image created around this team.

In all seriousness, Rex Ryan seems to be big on team building. He feels going away to Cortland for training camp to bring the team together is important. It is a bit surprising, though, to see the team give up a day of practice when a new offensive system is being implemented. The team could have gone paintballing together any day, right?