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New York Jets: Who Is Your "Nothing Would Surprise Me" Guy?

Chris Graythen

On one end of the spectrum, there are players like Muhammad Wilkerson, Nick Mangold, and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. These are excellent players with established track records. It would be a surprise if they were not very good in 2013. On the other end are players like Mark Sanchez, Calvin Pace, and Stephen Peterman. While Jets fans certainly hope they can contribute positively, it would be a surprise if they were very effective. Most players fall somewhere between these two categories. It would not be surprising to see them play well under certain circumstances or poorly under others. Who do you think has the widest variety of outcomes?

For me, it is Chris Ivory. He is extremely talented and a punishing runner. When he played for the Saints, he produced. He was stuck on a pass-first offense with a lot of talented backs, which limited his chances. With an offensive line that will hopefully be effective run blocking, Ivory has the talent to run for 1,200-1,400 yards if things break right.

There are also a lot of questions for Ivory. Another reason he did not get many chances in New Orleans was his penchant for getting hurt. He is a violent runner. That helps him pick up yards, but it also exposes him to extra hits. He will now have to adapt to an increased workload and more punishment. Just as it would be easy to picture Ivory have a breakout season, it would be just as easy to picture him getting hurt in the preseason, the injury lingering all year, and Ivory missing games and being ineffective when he does play.

I am hopeful for Ivory, but I am not sure there is an outcome with him that would surprise me. Which player are you least sure about heading into the season?