#9 New York Jet of All Time...

The Number Nine New York Jet of All-Time:

Gerry Philbin

For all of the memories of Joe Namath, Don Maynard and Matt Snell being a productive offense for the Jets, many people forget that the Jets of the late-1960s had an incredible pass rush. The leader of that pass rush was Gerry Philbin.

A 3rd round pick from Buffalo in 1964, Gerry Philbin was a Defensive Lineman who chose the Jets over the Detroit Lions and was named to 3 AFL All-Star teams. He was the anchor of a defensive line that kept QBs Earl Morral and Johnny Unitas to just one TD in Superbowl III.

In a time where the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Colts had some of the most dominant defensive lines in the game, Philbin was a truly dominant defensive lineman. While sacks were not yet a statistic, he had a reputation for being able to get to the QB with a lot of intensity. In 1968, the year the Jets won the Superbowl, Philbin recorded an unofficial 19.0 sacks.

Philbin was named to the AFL All-Time team, and has remained an outspoken supporter of the Jets for years. In 2011 he was named to the New York Jets Ring of Honor.

There is very little to say about Philbin that can’t speak for itself. He was an All-Time great pass rusher, an all-time great AFL player, and an All-Time great Jet.

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