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Josh Bush Hopes to Learn Fast

Jeff Zelevansky

Conor Orr spoke with Jets safety, Josh Bush, a contender to start at safety opposite Dawan Landry. They spoke about many topics including the instruction Bush is receiving from his coaches.

What have your position coaches been emphasizing?

They’re both harping on me learning the entire defense and learning it well. Being able to play everything and make all the calls.

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Bush's comments underscore the difficulty of this defense. Rex Ryan runs a very complicated system. This puts a lot on the safeties. They need to make sure everybody is lined up correctly and serve as the last line of defense in an aggressive system, which requires a thorough understanding of what everybody else is doing and how to react to a move the offense makes. It is a lot to ask a young player with minimal experience. Just consider how Bush is entering his second year and still is learning about the scheme.