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A New England Patriots Update

Let's take a quick look at what's going on with one of the New York Jets' biggest rivals.

Rich Schultz

Occasionally, we like to take a look at what the rivals of the New York Jets are up to, as their transactions often-and for obvious reasons-can have significant effect upon our matchups with them. Today, let's take a quick look at the New England Patriots.

1. You may have heard that there has been some controversy on whether or not Bob Kraft, owner of the Patriots, gave Vladimir Putin, the former Prime Minister and current President of Russia, one of his Super Bowl rings (I guess with two others, he can afford it?) Kraft claimed that it was stolen by Putin, Putin claims it was a gift, who knows, who cares. This doesn't actually affect the Jets, but I think we can all agree it's fun to laugh at the Patriots.


2. Rob Gronkowski, he of Yo Soy Fiesta fame, has just had back surgery. This was his primary concern coming out of college, the health status of his back. Gronkowski also has had four other surgeries this off season in connection with his broken arm, which had developed an infection. So, count five total surgeries for the big man. I suppose we can count on him to drink the pain away as he dances shirtless at a party.

3. On a sobering note, Aaron Hernandez is now being investigated in connection with the murder of a man not far from his house. Hernandez is not a suspect at this time, but his home has been searched by police officers, as a rental car involved in the murder had been registered under his name. I don't want to belabor this point since a man is now dead, but this could spell serious trouble for Hernandez if he is found to be an accomplice or otherwise obstructing justice (at least one report indicated he was being uncooperative with authorities, but it isn't known what specifically that means... was he just refusing to answer questions without a lawyer or was it something more devious?).

And they say the Jets are the circus, right?