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Geno Smith: Life as a Rookie


Conor Orr has an interesting feature outlining Geno Smith's typical day.

He gets breakfast, served at the Jets’ cafeteria, right after his arrival, an hour and 15 minutes before the first meeting starts. Smith uses the time to go over the practice script for the day and prepare himself for the quarterback drills and play cards ahead. If he eats quickly enough, he can get a head start on watching practice from the day before, trying to pick out mistakes.

Click the link to read the full story.

I would avoid using this story to try and predict whether or not Geno will be successful as a pro. To get to the NFL level, almost everybody has a great work ethic. It can help bring success, but it does not guarantee success. Instead, I would just read the article to appreciate how much dedication goes into making it to the NFL.