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Do You Think "Jets Westgate" Is a Big Deal?


Apparently there has been some controversy this week at Jets minicamp. Every year since 2010, Mark Sanchez has hosted a private workout called Jets West during the offseason where offensive players get together and practice.

On Wednesday, Geno Smith was asked whether he will be attending. He offered no comment. Yesterday, he clarified and said the question caught him off guard because he did not know about Jets West. He hasn't been invited yet, but he would think about going if invited.

Apparently, this is a big deal to people for some reason. I don't really see why. It's great that Sanchez hosts his teammates to practice and bond. It's great that players show up. I give them credit for doing that. I don't see what the big deal is if a player doesn't attend, though. These guys are busy men with lots of commitments. Maybe they can't make it. Surely, a player can train himself properly for the season without attending Jets West. It isn't like this camp has made the Jets offense great.

What do you think? Am I off base here? Is this actually a big deal for some reason?