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What Would You Like To See?

How can we make GangGreenNation better?


As we get closer to the new season, the pace of things around here is bound to pick up. As that happens, we, the staff of GangGreenNation, want to make sure that we're providing the content that you, the reader, wants to read. So, what is it that we do that you like, and what is it that we do that you don't like? Here are some things we're looking at providing this season:

  • Breaking News
  • Question Mailbags
  • Written and Video Game Previews
  • Written and Video Game Recaps
  • In-Depth Game Breakdowns
  • In-Depth Play Breakdowns
  • X's and O's Chalkboard Lessons
  • Fantasy Football Advice

These are just a few of the things we have in store for this season. However, is there something in particular that you want us to cover or emphasize? Essentially, how are we doing, and how can we make this website better for you?