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Which Current Jet Would Make the Best Coach?


If you follow the NBA, you have probably heard the Brooklyn Nets have hired Jason Kidd as their new head coach. Kidd was a player for the New York Knicks this season. He has no coaching experience. It is a highly unorthodox move to hire a player to run a team. Given the way the NFL works, it is unlikely we would ever see a player hired to be a head coach. If it did happen, though, what Jet do you think would make the best coach?

My money would be on third string quarterback Greg McElroy. Without being in the locker room, we really do not know much about any player for sure, but everything written about McElroy says he is one of the smartest players around with an incredible command of X's and O's. He reportedly is a film room junkie. The Jets had the day off after McElroy helped lead the Jets to a win over the Cardinals, but McElroy was at work busy studying film. He also seems to be a natural leader. Despite his limited physical ability, it really felt like the guys in the huddle responded to him when he briefly played quarterback for the Jets in 2012.

McElroy seems like a perfect case of a guy who has all of the intelligence and work ethic to be a great player but not the physical skills. If he had Mark Sanchez's natural ability, he might be a franchise quarterback. The skills he does have indicate he might have a future in coaching.

Which Jet do you think would make the best coach?