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Santonio Holmes Unsure Whether He Will Be Ready for Week 1

Jim McIsaac

Mike Vorkunov reports Santonio Holmes is unsure of his status for the opener against Tampa Bay.

Asked if he would be ready for training camp, Holmes responded: "It's taking one day at a time. I won't know until it happens."

And if he would be ready for the Bucs Week 1, Holmes offered "no comment."

This goes beyond the obvious concerns about how the Jets will hold up against Tampa Bay's revamped secondary.

Even if the Jets are fully healthy, a Holmes-Hill-Kerley receiving corps is pretty weak on paper relative to what the rest of the league has. If you take Holmes out of the lineup, the situation gets to a familiar ugly state. If Holmes is compromised, which is possible coming off a serious injury, it still gets dangerously weak. It is a bit unsettling that so much rides on a guy recovering from an ailment like this, but it is where we are.