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Josh Bush Leading the Safety Sweepstakes?

Jeff Zelevansky

It seems like Josh Bush has taken the lead in the open competition to start alongside Dawan Landry at safety per Kimberly Martin.

But after the first day of mandatory minicamp, it seems Bush has edged out his good friend for a starting safety position. Allen told reporters that he had been demoted Tuesday – but while Bush confirmed the news, he downplayed its significance.

I find it tough to believe this is a permanent arrangement. If Allen or somebody else outperforms Bush in training camp and preseason, Bush is not going to keep the job because of minicamp. That wouldn't be very competition-y.

Bush is a blank slate so we will have to see how this goes. He played sparingly as a rookie sixth round pick. It is difficult to tell how skilled he is or how much he has improved over the past year. Bush had a reputation for being a rangy coverage guy. In theory, that would compliment Landry, who is more of an in the box player against the run.