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Kellen Winslow Report

J. Meric

Tight end Kellen Winslow II is getting a tryout with the Jets. The reports from his first day of practice sound somewhat encouraging.

Seth Walder:

Kellen Winslow Jr. said all the right things and made a number of positive plays on Tuesday during the first day of Jets minicamp, which also doubled as a tryout for the former first-round draft pick of the Browns.

Mike Vorkunov:

He caught several passes as he attempts to situate himself and give the Jets a reason to keep him.

GGN member Japes:

The biggest surprise was Kellen Winslow, wow that guy still has it.

How much does one practice mean? Probably not a ton, but at least Winslow's play sounds encouraging through one day. The Jets have arguably the thinnest corps of tight ends in the league at this point. If they sign Winslow, he will have by far the best resume of anybody at the position on the team. This feels like a spot where rolling the dice and hoping he can resurrect his career is a viable option.