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Jets Not Interested in Tarvaris Jackson

Tom Dahlin

The Bills cut quarterback Tarvaris Jackson yesterday. Jackson was signed by John Idzik's Seahawks a few years back, and his position coach in Buffalo last year was David Lee so some speculated he might come to the Jets. A few writer claimed Idzik was a Jackson fan. Kimberly Martin says this is apparently not the case.

As I said about Jackson a few months back, his game has all of the production of a game manager and all of the turnovers of a gunsligner. He will not be a great loss.

Given where we are, signing Jackson would not have been the worst move in the world. He's been a touch more productive than Mark Sanchez and a touch less mistake-prone and lacks the baggage in the locker room. He could have made things a tad more competition-y in training camp. Something tells me this franchise will recover from not having Tarvaris Jackson, though.