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Should the New York Jets Sign FB Vonta Leach?

Will the New York Jets pursue the ex-Baltimore Raven?

Rob Carr

Ever since FB Tony Richardson retired, FB Vonta Leach has been the best in the league at his position. Leach was recently cut from the Baltimore Ravens, and is currently seeking a new team. He is a noted leader in the locker room, and at thirty-one years old, still an excellent player. The question is if the New York Jets should pursue Leach and sign him to the roster.

It's important to remember that the Jets drafted FB Tommy Bohanon in the seventh round of the 2013 NFL Draft. While Bohanon looks promising as a player, he is still untested, unlike Leach, who is a proven success. With RB Chris Ivory running the ball, Leach leading the way would be a devastating one-two punch that would give the team, in my opinion, a potential Top Three run game in the league. Under this scenario, Bohanon would be placed on the practice squad for a year to observe Leach and be mentored by him. After the year, Bohanon would be able to return to the regular roster as the starter. With the team currently "rebuilding," Bohanon would be ready and starting by the time the team is ready to contend.

I would propose to Leach a one year, $2 million contract. There's no indication of if he would accept that, so it's worth a shot. In Baltimore, he was in the last year of his contract with $3 million remaining. It isn't clear what Baltimore was offering to rework his contract, but it was apparently too low. Whether it was lower than the $2 million I'm proposing is unknown.

The fact is that Leach is an excellent leader, player, and mentor to a player such as Bohanon. He would lead a devastating run game that could be tops in the league. Ultimately, it isn't clear if he would cost too much for the team to sign, but the team should, at the very least, look into it.