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Geno Smith's College Offensive Coordinator Raves About His Work Ethic

Chris Graythen

Brian Costello says that Geno Smith's college offensive coordinator does not buy into the questions about the quarterback's work ethic.

West Virginia offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson has heard the words thrown around to describe his former protégé Geno Smith — brat ... gimmick ... coddled ... marginal work ethic — and wonders if they’re talking about the same quarterback he coached for two years.

“I never got the sense he was a diva or pampered or anything in my involvement with him,” Dawson said. “I never had one problem with him other than he watched too much film.”

“In my talks with him after the draft, he’s so fired up right now to prove this [jerk] wrong that he’s going to work and do it.”

Things like this make me question the validity of all the articles critical of Smith. There's obviously a reason he fell into the second round, but it is kind of striking the way the people who know him best have been willing to stick their necks out and go on the record defending him.