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Please Welcome Henry Strawder, Our New Writer!

"With the #13 pick, GangGreenNation selects... HENRY STRAWDER!" "YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!"
"With the #13 pick, GangGreenNation selects... HENRY STRAWDER!" "YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!"
Al Bello

In preparation of the upcoming season, and in keeping with John Idzik's mantra of "competition," GangGreenNation is proud to bring aboard longtime reader and commenter Henry Strawder, who you may better know as chrebetsthebet. We're very excited to add Henry to our growing stable of writers as we seek to give you, the readers, the very best in New York Jets analysis.

Henry will mostly be focusing on fantasy football and giving tips for which Jets to play, and which to leave on the bench. However, he will also be writing on a variety of other subjects as well. I'm very excited to see what Henry has in store for us, and I am sure you are too. Please join me in welcoming Henry to the family!