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Welcome: A New Staff Writer Joins The GGN Family

As we head full steam ahead to the new NFL season, it is with great pleasure that we introduce a new writer to the team here at GGN.

Al Bello


It is with the greatest of pleasures that I introduce a new writer to the GGN family.

I'm sure for any Jets fan, she needs absolutely no introduction, but I hope you join me in welcome Deb Borges (most will know her as @LilMissNYJet on twitter) as a new staff writer for Gang Green Nation.

I' can't express how delighted we all are to welcome Deb on board. I have been talking Jets football with Deb for nearly 4 years now and there are very few who I respect or appreciate more for their logical, passionate and dedicated attitude to the New York Jets.

Deb has been writing for some time with her own blog, which really was a must read for all Jets fans. It was a great travesty when she stopped writing as the Jets community lost a great voice. Well she is now ready to dust off the pen....well keyboard.... and start writing again, and we couldn't be happier that she agreed to join our community.

So once again, a big Hello! to Deb from all the staff, and I'm sure you will all be welcoming her yourself in the comments below.