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Assistant Director of Player Personnel JoJo Wooden To Go To Chargers

The New York Jets' Assistant Director of Player Personnel is leaving the team.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

JoJo Wooden, who is the New York Jets' Assistant Director for Player Personnel, is leaving the team to join the San Diego Chargers. Wooden is the third front office departure as GM John Idzik continues to fill the staff with his own guys following the 2013 NFL Draft. Wooden has been with the Jets for fifteen years so the team is seeing a significant departure. Kevin Kelly, an area scout, will be leaving the team for the Chargers with Wooden as well.

Wooden had a large role in scouting opposing teams and players for upcoming games and unrestricted free agency. Furthermore, he also played a role in scouting for the NFL Draft. It's time to freshen up the team though and get some new blood in there.