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New York Jets: Stephen Hill Dishes on His Rookie Year


Conor Orr has a long profile out on Stephen Hill discussing many topics on Hill's quiet rookie season.

"It’s not hard, it’s just annoying," Hill told The Star-Ledger on a quiet afternoon last week in Florham Park. "We’re always on ESPN for something, and it was just a lot. It put pressure on learning, and then having to explain if I messed up, so that’s where most of the pressure was.

Plenty of digital ink has been spilled talking about how Hill needs to refine his game on the field, but this profile indicates Hill is also working off the field. Hill had to deal with the ESPN cameras and then people ripping him on his Twitter and Instagram pages, which he later deleted. As much as Hill needed to learn technique, he probably came into the league a bit naive regarding the pressure he would get from the media and fans. It's all a big learning process.