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New York Jets: David Garrard Ready to Be a Mentor

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Per Seth Walder, David Garrard says he looks forward to being a mentor for Geno Smith.

“I’m a guy that does not mind helping guys out. That’s what being a teammate is all about,” Garrard said Thursday. “I remember when I came in as a rookie, and there was a lot of things swirling around me, and Mark (Brunell) helped me out, so I just like to be able to pass that on.

“I’m still going to be friendly to all those guys,” he added. “I’ll still take them all out and have a beer with them.”

If Garrard has not turned into Brunell when Brunell was with the Jets (a big if), this is a signing that could help pay big dividends for the Jets. Coaching is important, but a player mentor can reach a youngster on a different level. It's one thing to have a coach tell you what to do. It's another to have a peer who can be a workout partner and a sounding board for what is happening on the field.

Garrard also gives the Jets something they did not have with Mark Sanchez, somebody they can potentially put on the field and get adequate play in case Geno is not ready to go from day one.