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Cowboys Draft Board Leaked: How the Jets' Picks Rated


And you thought the Jets had a problem with leaks. The 2013 Dallas Cowboys' draft boards has apparently gotten out to the public. SB Nation's own Blogging the Boys did the work. It shows what value the Cowboys put on players. Since every team puts together its own board, a team's board might vary wildly from the actual results. This only shows what value one team put on players.

GGN member Invader Ace put together a list of where the players the Jets picked landed on the Dallas board.

Dee Milliner, CB (4) 9
Sheldon Richardson, DT (16) 13
Geno Smith, QB (37) 39
Brian Winters, OG (89) 72
Oday Aboushi, OT (112) 141

William Campbell (OL), Tommy Bohannn (FB), and all current UDFA's (as of ProFootballRoster's May 26th update) were not listed.

So on the early picks at least, the Cowboys and Jets seemed to think a lot alike.

I guess we all should believe in Jerry Jones.