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New York Jets: Quarterbacks Show Improvement


Last week the Jets' quarterbacks made headlines with OTA struggles. Today things looked better per Brian Costello.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez completed 8-of-11 passes with no interceptions after tossing three picks last week. Sanchez was nearly intercepted by linebacker David Harris on his first pass but Harris dropped it.

Rookie quarterback Geno Smith completed 8-of-9 passes and was sacked twice playing with the second-team offense. Smith also had a nice run on what looked to be a designed quarterback draw. Smith's nicest pass was a 30 yarder down the sideline to Joseph Collins.

The success today means about as much as the problems last week, very little. Who ever remembers how a quarterback performed in offseason practice once the season starts? If these guys struggle, it is no big deal. If they play well, there is not much to get excited about. Considering the options, though, the Jets would obviously take the quarterbacks playing well instead of poorly.